Helping Remote Workers Work Efficiently

Messy workspace? Tangled wires?

We totally understand how frustrating it gets when you need to remove all your gear (including your laptop) from your bag to work. Setting up and getting organised can be a hassle especially when you are out and about.

During the new normal era, we also know the pain of not having a fixed desk space to work so you need to work remotely from a cafe, car or coworking space whilst packing up once you are done

The FIRST Workstation Laptop Bag in Malaysia

We at Dazz, designed On the Go Move Workstation Bag so that you can set up and start work in less than 20 seconds & pack up in an instant!

For anyone who works remotely or travels frequently, and needs their laptop with them, this is the ultimate laptop bag to make life a breeze.

On the Move Handbag


On the Move Handbag: The Ultimate Workstation Laptop Bag

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