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Dazz bags are designed for modern travellers, working women and On the Go (OTG) ladies without compromising comfort and style. We strive to solve women's daily bag woes with our exclusively designed, On the Go Collection. 

On the Move: The Ultimate Workstation Laptop Bag


On the Move Bag: The Ultimate Workstation Laptop Bag by DAZZ

On the Go Sling Bag

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On The Go (OTG) Collection


On The Go Switch Backpack


On the Go 4 in 1

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Dazz Gives Back

Since 1982, Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) has provided free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who survive abuse.

WAO helps women and their children rebuild their lives, after experiencing domestic violence, rape, trafficking, and other atrocities. Learning from women’s experiences, WAO advocates to improve public policies and shift public mindsets.

RM3 from every bill will be donated to WAO

Let's CHANGE LIVES together!

On the Go Mini

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On the Go Crossbody Bag

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On the Go Duo Sling

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Work On the Go

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Quilted Baby Diaper Backpack


DAZZ Your Way

Accessorized. Personalized. Customized. You style it your way!

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