On the Go by Dazz - Behind the Scenes

As Dazz celebrates the release of one of its very first designs - On the Go, we head behind the scenes to take a look at the inspiration that spurred this new creation and the meticulously curated steps that led to the product.

On the Go by Dazz is the brain child of Nicole Chua, founder of Dazz pictured below. 

On her trip to the UK back in 2015, Nicole realized that travelling with an efficient lightweight bag can save one from a lot of frustration. She found it quite impossible to look for particular items in the gigantic bag that she was carrying. Lugging her heavy bag around also caused her a lot of unwanted aches and pains. Her inspiration to design stemmed from her desire to solve these common issues that women faced with their bags on a daily basis. Read more about some of the common issues that inspired On the Go by Dazz here


Upon her return to Malaysia, she was determined to make her design a success and followed it through by working with a close friend to produce sketches of her ideas.


There after came the challenge of looking for the perfect manufacturer for the design. Because quality was at the top of her list when it came to the selection criteria, multiple manufacturers had to be trialed and tested before settling on one.


Colours galore! Choosing the perfect bag and lining colour followed soon after. A persona in mind was a woman on-the-go who placed equal importance on style and convenience. The careful selection process was anything but easy and the colours needed to be trialed and tested constantly.


The evolution of On the Go by Dazz. These were some of the initial designs that were manufactured before the preening and improvement efforts were put into place. From improper clasps and positioning of specific compartments to type of material, straps and and how convenient it was meant to be for the end user, nothing was overlooked.The entire process was hands on where every step of the way Nicole pushed herself to improve the quality of her design. 


This is where we are at at present! The final design of On the Go by Dazz is in production as you read this blog post. Months of planning and hard work later, we wait in excitement for the official launch of our very first design! If you are as excited as we are, stay tuned for our early bird and super early bird promotions. We will be taking pre-orders for On the Go by Dazz very soon and free gifts await some very lucky readers! 

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