On the Go by Dazz Crossbody Bag Launch

Following the launch of On the Go Handbag by Dazz, we now introduce On the Go Crossbody Bag, which lucky for all of us, converts into a wallet as well!

After months & months of continuous trial & error, producing multiple product samples & choosing the right materials & linings, we are so excited to share with you our 2nd creation, brainchild of our founder & designer, Nicole Chua! 

Let’s give ourselves a moment to reflect on some of our pet peeves about our money sacks. These are complicated statement pieces which are not merely expected to serve a functional purpose. Additionally visual satisfaction is required while choosing a purse to bring out your creative personality. Aaand let’s not forget about how our purses and wallets also need to be able to meet the size requirements which allow them to fit into our lives. A few cues that we picked up on are as follows:

  1. Does one size meet all?

Our crossbody bag easily converts into a wallet in which you can safely tuck away your hard earned money and all the other knick knacks that you need for the daily grind.

We have all been there. In a dark place where we subtly (or not so) try to shove our giant sized purses into our bold but small bags. Where do we draw the line between shoving and deciding to switch to a bigger bag / smaller purse altogether? Does it really come down to a compromise? 

With Dazz’s On the Go Crossbody Bag, a compromise is really not necessary. A removable wallet with 4 card compartment will store your one too many cards if this suits your needs. And if you treasure your coins, the coin compartment which is separate to the cash compartment will ease off your anxiety levels. If you own an On the Go Handbag, you're in luck as the removable wallet fits into your On the Go Clutch perfectly! Yayyy to compartmentalisation for OTG Clutch!  



  1. The mobile phone dilemma

Next to shoving your wallet into your bag and, equally exhausting, is shoving your giant mobile phone into your purse. Last thing we all want to have is a bulging pocket which vibrates intermittently.

Dazz’s OTG Crossbody Bag allows your mobile phone to be conveniently stored in the middle compartment of the bag. This also means no more rummaging around trying to find your mobile phone when that important call comes through. Hurrah!

  1. Having to carry multiple bags 

Keeping with the idea of minimalism with the OTG Crossbody Bag, Dazz offers the choice of tuning one bag to suit many occasions. The crossbody bag which comes with a long gold chain easily converts into a wallet which can be interchanged as and when required. When the occasion calls for a clutch instead of a bag or wallet, the easily attached clutch strap will swoop in to save the day. Allow the OTG Crossbody Bag to take you from work to lunch and a dinner party sans the dilemma of choice. We all know how hard decisions can be!

  1. It doesn't fit in my wallet

If purses were only meant to store cash, wouldn’t we all be gloriously happy? Unfortunately, wallets and purses need to be able to store much more than just cash.

Credit cards, drivers’ license, identification, coins and much more need to be considered for our purses to make it in today’s world. And more importantly just to make sense.

Fortunately, Dazz’s OTG Crossbody Bag has a 12 card storage compartment for both the main bag and the removable wallet.

Additionally, a coin compartment exists for both as well.

If required to carry a passport, this will also fit snugly into the inner side compartment of the main bag.

5. Security theft

And finally, let’s face it theft is unavoidable in present times. Thieves are getting wittier and the rise of the pay wave system has also given way to a rise in theft. A stumble with an unlikely stranger lurking in the corner equipped with the technology to gather financial and personal information can leave undesired consequences. We now have to worry about whether simply standing next to someone can enable our personal information to be accessed unknowingly.

For this reason the OTG Crossbody Bag by Dazz includes a special lining to prevent unwarranted scanning of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips embedded in your credit & debit cards. The lining will shield the RFID chips credit & debit cards from being scanned when your bag is properly closed. 

DISCLAIMER: The special lining is only attached in the main bag and not the removable wallet. The manufacturer & distributor of this product disclaim any liability arising out of your use of this bag, including liability from unauthorized persons scanning any RFID chip inside the bag

We hope the blog post above has offered you a detailed explanation about On the Go by Dazz Crossbody Bag. Be the first to own this design! 

Receive COMPLIMENTARY initials embossing on your own bag charm if you purchase our 'Early Bird Special' @ RM158! Own your own personalized OTG Crossbody Bag.


To celebrate our official launch, Dazz is taking early bird pre-orders as per the details below:-


 28th May 2017 - 10th June 2017


Retail price - RM188

11th June 2017 onwards


Be sure to head on over to www.dazz.com.my to place your orders at the prices above. Limited units apply for early bird specials so hurry on over to make your purchases! 

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