On the Go by Dazz - Official Launch

For the past few weeks we have been itching to unveil the style, features and functionality of On the Go by Dazz, our very first design versatile enough to meet the demands of women on the go. So without further ado let us draw the curtains back on our stylish multi-functional design!

The sleek exterior of this handbag presents water resistant nylon material with faux leather trims. To meet most colour preferences, we have this available in four colours - Midnight Blue, Titanium Grey, Brilliant Black and Lipstick Red.

To enhance comfort, On the Go comes with double layered faux leather and nylon  shoulder straps. It also comes with a detachable crossbody strap in an identical material to allow equal distribution of heavier loads which the bag can withstand.

For added convenience, because we know how frustrating it can be to rummage through your bag when you really need something, On the Go features double zippers to pry open your bag effortlessly and a contrasting colored cotton lining to easily spot what you require.

On further examination of its interior, On the Go gets more interesting. It boasts an array of  detachable compartments that serve multiple purposes and functions. 

 This picture was taken right before travelling, where the compartments were detached to store various travel essentials - travel documents, keys, etc.

 The first of it's detachable extensions is a clutch that easily sits in the front compartment of the bag. A magnetic clasp holds the contents of the clutch in place. Easily displaced as a purse if you need to head out for a quick lunch while at work. And if, like us, you despise carrying the load while travelling, this clutch is great for events or a night painting the town red. A separate adjustable long strap accompanies the clutch if you prefer to have your hands free!

On the Go's second extension, the Detachable Padded Bag which also doubles up as a crossbody padded bag (if you attach the adjustable long straps to it), serves the purpose of insulating electronics and other fragile items such as Ipads and cameras. It fits both the older and newer versions of Ipads and sits tightly within the handbag making it perfect for work errands and travel needs.

Do you hate it every time you have to lug your entire bag with you when you head to the ladies to touch up your makeup or for a quick change during the dreaded time of the month? We're with you! On the Go contains a removable zippered pouch, ideal for cosmetics or bathroom essentials. Please tell us we changed your lives with this extension, especially when it comes to using the ridiculously tiny lavatories on most planes! 

Say aye if finding your keys in your bag seems like rocket science every now and then. Like many, we have been there and that is why On the Go features its very own portable key hanger which has double detachable sides. One side hooks your keys or pepper spray or pen drive securely in place while the other serves to fasten the hanger conveniently in your bag. Feeling around will never get any easier than this! 

And to make life a little easier, we reckon anyone will find convenient compartments heaven sent so we included them in our design. On the Go has three easily accessible compartments built into its side - one for your phone, the other for travel documents or a small organizer and a tiny one which fits a pen perfectly. You can fill these compartments with whatever suits your fancy but they come in terribly handy while travelling when you need to reach in and find a pen to fill up arrival or departures slips.

We hope the blog post above has offered you a detailed explanation about On the Go by Dazz. NOW IT'S TIME TO OWN IT!! Head on over to www.dazz.com.my to place your orders. Hurry on over to make your purchases! 

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Until next time Dazz-lers! Stay amazing! xx

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