A Woman's Bag Rant

Is your admirably stylish bag wreaking havoc into your life on a day to day basis? As women, relating ourselves to being fashion forward while pulling our hair out simultaneously is not uncommon.

One minute we hop out of our homes with our trendy bag on point and by the time we get home all we want to do is throw that bag in a dark dingy corner never to see the sight of it until the next morning when the vicious cycle repeats. 

What causes this plight you might ask?

Not being able to find just about anything in your bag

Here's a conversation between two friends in a car:

Nicole : OK! We are approaching the Touch N Go booth already, can you get my card from my bag?

Magdalene : *fumbles around in Nicole's bag* Is it here? Can't seem to find it la. 

It may not be the TouchNGo card but we bet you can relate to this in a couple of thousand ways. Be it car keys, a pen, your purse, phone, just at that moment when you need it the most, your bag fails you and so does your grasping / fumbling skills. 

Frustrating is it not?! Scraping around in that huge fashion statement of yours may also cause it to age a little sooner. 

Compartmentalization honey! A great bag with compartments for almost everything from stationery to your mobile phone and makeup is an apt investment! If you practice making it a habit to place the items in your bag in the same specific compartments, you might just trick your mind and your hand towards skillfully reaching in the right direction when the time calls for it. 

Help! My Bag is too Heavy

So you've got your super posh gaya bag and thankfully it is big enough to contain just about anything! From a 1 litre water bottle to your laptop and lipstick and smartphone and diary, we name it, you've got it. 

Fast forward to an hour later, an LRT ride and a brisk walk all the way to the office - you notice a nagging pain that stretches all down your neck to your shoulder and perhaps even down your arm. Sound familiar?

There is nothing wrong with carrying a great looking oversized bag that fits in just about anything but if that bag is killing your posture and quite frankly just killing you then we don't think it's worth it. To read more about how your handbag may be causing you more harm than good, feel free to click on the following link : Is Your Handbag Killing You

The solution does not have to be an expensive one. Although reconsidering what goes into your bag may be an obvious answer, little details like looking into the quality of your bag straps and making sure they don't dig into your skin under heavy weight can help.

Remember to alternate between the shoulders when carrying your bag or invest in a good side sling back that evens out the weight between the left and right side of the body. Alternatively, you can also invest in a bag that has unraveling compartments or that comes apart in a good way. This will allow you to unload the weight into the different compartments while still making sure that you don't leave anything behind. 

10,000 bags in my closet

A girl can have 10,000 bags but sometimes it can never feel enough. There is a constant need to feed our voracious appetites for bags because they come in many forms. From a clutch to suit a night outfit to a chic handbag that fits a day time piece to a duffel bag that fits travel. It never seems to stop. Where does one draw the line?

The consequence is a closet brimming with bags there isn't enough space for your clothes! Instead of investing in efficient storage space or resolving to participate in a bag jumble sale once every quarter, perhaps we should take a closer look at our bag choices. 

In today's dynamic day and age instead of owning 10,000 bags that match 10,000 outfits, perhaps we should invest in that one bag that is versatile enough to match all our outfits. Not only is this space efficient but a versatile bag will be God-sent for travel purposes and leaves little room for purchases you may regret in the future.

Try investing in a make shift bag that have multiple straps or a compartmentalized bag that comes apart on demand, like this one:-

 So there it is, a few common rants that we might have about our bags. Inspired by some of the relate-able problems highlighted above, we are proud to announce that Dazz has come up with its own design! The pictures showcased in the article above are a sneak preview for what's to come. 

Hold tight for the official launch! This is one bag you will not want to miss :) For more updates on this bag and all our other collections, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below :-

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Until next time Dazz-lers! Stay amazing! xx

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