Designer Story - Nicole C.

Hello there! I'm Nicole, a bag designer with 7 years in the industry. I design multi-functional bags for ladies aiming to solve their everyday bag woes with my exclusive On the Go & On the Move Collection. Designed for working women, modern travellers and the on-the-go ladies.

We all have that one friend — you know, the one who always loses their keys and can't seem to ever remember where she puts her compact powder in her handbag.

Well that was me, 7 years ago.

Every day was a challenge especially when I was working in corporate, I had to go out to meet clients and I remembered, one time, I was rummaging for my car keys in my handbag which took me a good half an hour, resulting in me being slightly late for my meeting.

What does it feel like to be disorganised? Not much fun. When you’re organised, you’re less stressed. You can focus your mind on what you need to do. You can dedicate your time and energy to the things that matter most to you, instead of wasting it searching for things. That was when I designed my first collection, On the Go.

I am very inspired to help women to solve their everyday bag woes because as we all know, a woman keeps her life in her handbag. Disorganized handbags are a common cause of stress, anxiety and even anger so I would like to do my part by helping you to eliminate the clutter and stress from your bag and from your life.

You just be you and focus your mind on what you need to do & what matters to you! 

Thank you for taking time to read my personal story & I would love to thank all my dear Dazzlers for your continuous support the past few years. I would not be where I am today without you. 



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