The 5 'MUST-HAVES' to Work From Anywhere

Currently working remotely or working from home (WFH)? There are challenges that comes with working remotely & working from home. I totally understand how frustrating it gets especially for those who have no proper office space at home. I get it, I really do. Setting up, getting organised and packing up can be a hassle especially when you are out and about.

As a remote worker, you often have to work during different hours of the day and not the typical 9 to 5. This can be especially difficult when you have to travel somewhere far and carry your work wherever you go. Sometimes it can bring lots of challenges and frustrations which makes work much more difficult. 

Easy access to your personal items is important for our mobile lifestyle. What is more annoying than rummaging your whole bag or even unloading everything from your bag trying to find one thing? 

Read on to find out what you should include as the must-have in your bag when you need to work remotely to make your life a tad easier. (remote working also includes jumping from your dining table to your living room couch to your own room ;P) 

The 5 'MUST-HAVES' to Work From Anywhere

    1.  Proper Bags

First things first, you definitely need a proper bag to store all your work gear in it because when you are organised, you are less stressed. You can focus your mind on what you need to do. You can dedicate your time and energy to the things that matter most to you, instead of wasting it setting up, searching for things & packing up. 

2. Laptop

Having a good laptop in this era is definitely essential to boost work productivity. Also it would be a plus if your laptop isn’t too large or it would be a tough task to lug it around.


3. Powerbank

You definitely don't want to be stranded when your battery runs out. Always be safe than sorry. Always have a powerbank with you. 

4. Earphone

With increasing online Zoom meetings that you need to attend, earphones are a must! Especially the ones with microphone attached.

Also a great way to stay focused by removing background noise or if you prefer to listen to music while you work. 

5. Cables

Chargers, adapting power, USB connectors – somethings that remote workers will always need. An essential for remote workers especially when travelling. An organizer will be important so that the cables does not get tangled with one another. It can save your time, energy & sanity!

I personally have encountered a few challenges of working from home during the Movement Control Order. As my whole family was also working from home, the proper desk space was all occupied and I worked remotely from my dining table, living room couch & my own room ;P This inspired me to design something functional which can help people cope with their new normal working lives, the On the Move: The Ultimate Workstation Bag. Click on the link to read more on this bag :) 

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Be inspired & have a lovely day! 

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