On the Move Backpack: The Ultimate Workstation Bag!

From the creators of the 1st EVER On the Move: The Ultimate Workstation Laptop Bag, we would like to proudly present our latest design, the On the Move Backpack.

In July 2020, we launched the On the Move tote bag, combining versatility and functionality, a game-changer for remote workers such as yourself. The response was overwhelming!

This next design? We are keeping all the features which you loved PLUS converting it to a backpack for all the backpack fans out there.

After almost 1 year of research and development, our team would like to introduce to you..


 Introducing the 1st EVER
On the Move Backpack:
The Ultimate Workstation Laptop Bag!

What has changed within a year? One thing we know for sure is that many of us are still working remotely either from home or office. 

If This Sounds Like You...

  • If you have to carry both a handbag and a laptop backpack to work (because your backpack is not formal enough).. 
  • ​If you are tired of having to remove all your gear (including your laptop) from your bag to work.. 
  • ​If you are taking too much time setting up and getting organised when you are out and about... 
  • ​Or perhaps, if you do not have a fixed desk space to work so you need to work remotely from the dining table or the living room or your room whilst packing up once you are done… 


Well… good news! Then, you are going to love what I have for you today! We at Dazz, designed On the Move Workstation Backpack so that you can ..
Set up and start work in less than 20 seconds & pack up in an instant!


Imagine how your life would change if you can now have a portable workstation which you can carry along with you at all times, even for your work trips & vacations (P.S only when the borders reopens, of course :p)

With our latest hands-free backpack, equipped with large interior and many compartments, we are sure you can now organise your personal items and get everything you need, whenever you need it, just at your fingertips.

Hassle-free, because what is more annoying than rummaging your whole bag or even unloading everything from your bag trying to find one thing?  

That’s why we’ve designed the On the Move Workstation Backpack 


Right now, here’s what everyone else is doing. Most of the laptop bags in the market have similar functions as every other bag which is a separate laptop compartment in the bag which requires you to remove laptop to work.

The problem with this is that getting set up and organised can be a hassle especially when you are out and rushing to hand in that urgent report to your clients.

Here’s how we are different. With Dazz On the Move Bag, we’re actually the FIRST (& probably the ONLY) ones in Malaysia to design a ladies laptop backpack which can also work as a portable workstation.

So if you want to… 

  • be hands-free, move faster, set up and start work wherever you go in less than 20 seconds  
  • ​be more organised and work more efficiently without having to waste time finding that thing you need
  • look stylish travelling with a work backpack

 You’re definitely at the right place !

Ohh not forgetting, this bag catches attention every time so get ready to answer curious questions wherever you set up your portable workstation!

 It is all about lifestyle meeting the new normal work style.

Get access to our Dazz On the Move Workstation Backpack, so that you can now work more efficiently and impress your clients and workmates! 

You will be getting…

  • On the Move Workstation Laptop Backpack (Worth RM425)

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Bag Charm (lock) with name engraving for RM30




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